Bella White

7 yrs
97 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Hi there! I am Bella White! Do you like my cute smile? Even though I had to say goodbye to my previous owner due to an illness, which was quite sad, GPRA tells me that a new life awaits and I can smile again.
Here is what my foster mom knows about me.
“Bella White is a sweetheart! She seems to have been quite sheltered and lacks exposure to everyday things. However, she is gaining confidence each day. Bella White will benefit from a patient, loving and understanding owner who will continue to introduce her to normal routines.”
“Bella White loves to be close to her humans, and she is a natural snuggler. She must have snuggled a lot with her previous owner.” (I have perfected quiet snuggle time.)
“When Bella White gets excited, you see her adorable toothy smile, and she will trot around wagging her tail in a circle. Bella White is a fun, lovey girl.”
“She can be a bit nervous on the leash due to lack of exposure and tries to bolt when startled. Bella White will need a patient owner who will continue to build her confidence.” (If you need a walking buddy, I’m your girl because GPRA’s vet recommends that I drop a few pounds. Did you notice my little pot belly? However, if you want to sneak me a few treats every once in a while, I promise not to tell anyone. Also, if I see a deer on walks, I can get a bit excited, so be prepared to work on my leash manners. Yes, this is my work in progress.)
“Bella White is house-trained and will go to the door when she needs to go outside.” (I’m a good girl!)
“Bella White will be an excellent companion to a retired owner or couple who do not have younger children or hyper young dogs.” (Previously, I lived a tranquil and calm life. It will take me time to get used to a busier home. No worries, I will figure things out.)
“Bella White’s favorite things are snuggles, chicken, a cozy place to hide when she gets scared, and a comfy bed.” (Don’t forget that I love to snuggle on the couch. Will you be my couch buddy?)
Pyrly yours, Bella White

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