Thank you for offering to share your time and energy with GRPA! We rely on our volunteers for everything from rubbing ears at adoption days, to walking dogs in boarding, to paw-holding at vet’s visits, or simply raising awareness of this exceptional breed and GPRA.

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GPRA is a 100% volunteer organization, from the newest dog walker to the board of directors.  You’ll read about our primary volunteer needs below but there are plenty of intangible pieces to saving a dog’s life, too. Our coordinators and board members come from our core volunteers. So please, get involved. Even a little bit. Start with whatever works for you and grow with us.

FOSTER TEAM  Apply to Foster

Fostering is a unique and constantly available GPRA volunteer activity. Our rescue Pyrs always need foster families until they choose their furever home. In fact, until a dog has a foster family, they stay in boarding. It’s clean and safe but it’s not a home. Since almost all of our dogs are strays or shelter rescues, foster families provide critical information to help us make the right furever match. Along with love, attention, exercise, and ear rubs, fosters also supply food and administer medicine if necessary. Your foster expenditures, including food costs, are tax deductible. GPRA covers any medical expenses and boarding if you need to travel prior to your foster being adopted.  Please note that our Fosters need to be located in the metro Atlanta area.

Interest? Can we talk more? Click the Apply to Foster box above; do not submit the Volunteer Application to foster but please do both the Foster and Volunteer Application if you’re interested in both!


“What a beautiful dog, what kind is he?” “Is that a polar bear?” “That’s a huge dog, how much does he eat every day?” “Oh, my goodness, so much fur. Does she shed a lot?”

Our Ambassadors help raise awareness of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta while sharing what makes this breed is so remarkable. And lovable. And worth rescuing. We’d appreciate it if you’d please spread the word about our magnificent Gentle Giants and direct interested adopters, potential fosters, or perhaps a new volunteer, to our website. And with your permission, we’ll even mail you some GPRA business cards to hand out or hopefully leave at your veterinarian’s office!



GPRA always needs help transporting our newest rescues! You could be one of the first loving and kind people the dog encounters. Transport routes are typically between area shelters and our veterinarian’s Roswell office, although some trips might include meeting another transporter at a neighboring state line.


If you’re a Pyrenees parent, you know these confident dogs see themselves as excellent drivers. And maybe they would be good drivers, if it was legal. Our volunteer taxi drivers take the wheel and bring our dogs round trip from boarding to Adoption Days (see below), vet visits, or sometimes to meet a potential adopter or foster family.


Would you enjoy wandering acres of wooded, paved trails with a big white dog for company? Are you over 18? Can you get to Alpharetta about once a week? If yes, our dogs in boarding always need extra hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and walks. And our dogs in medical boarding need anything from a short walk to simply hearing you read a story. Yes, your voice can soothe a scared dog!


Although we like to give a bath and grooming to incoming Pyrs, it is critical that we keep them brushed and combed while they are with us.  If you can come to Alpharetta occasionally to do this and give some loving to our Pyrs in boarding they will be furever grateful.  This does not include bathing or trimming and is in the same location as Dog Walking.


GPRA Adoption Days (AD) are every two to four weeks on Saturdays mornings and are currently being held at PetLodge Pet Resort in Alpharetta, GA.   AD volunteers help set up water bowls, brush dogs, visit with potential adopters, rub ears, or simply reassure an uncertain dog that everything’s OK. Adoption Day taxi drivers bring the dogs from boarding, handle them during AD, and return them to boarding, if necessary.



GPRA welcomes volunteers for our special events, such as our annual Gentle Giants in the Park, two semi-annual Atlanta Gladiators Nights, and marching in the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Christmas parade the first weekend in December. Yep, you and your dog or a GPRA rescue could be on TV once a year!! We’ll even supply the collar decorations, we just need you.



These volunteers are a dog’s first contact with GPRA as they respond to shelters trying to help Pyrs beat the clock, owner turn-in requests, and individuals asking for help with the stray Pyr who showed up in their backyard.  These volunteers follow our protocol for evaluating a potential rescue, including collecting medical records (when possible) required to bring a PYR into our care.  Much like the Adoption Team, Intake Team volunteers are typically long-term team members. But, things change and when they do, we’d love your help.


Ensuring a prospective adopter’s or foster’s home environment is compatible with Great Pyrenees’ needs is a critical part of the adoption and foster placement processes. And also, much like the Adoption Team, GPRA Home Visit volunteers are typically long-term team members by choice. But, things change and when they do, we’d love your help.

ADOPTION TEAM (Including 30-Day Follow-Up)

Of course, finding the Pyrfect match between our cherished rescues and generous potential adopters is on ongoing activity, Adoption Team volunteers tend to stay in this rewarding role for extended periods. Still, we need new team members from time to time so if you’re interested, please let us know when you submit your Volunteer Form below.

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