Our process for adopting a Great Pyrenees starts with you completing an application.  You must be at least 21 years of age to complete an application. Our adoption fee, charged at the time of adoption, varies according to the age of the dog. These fees are listed below. Adoption fees help offset our medical and boarding fees. All of our Great Pyrenees are fully vetted, vaccinated and are treated for any incoming medical conditions.  All adult Great Pyrenees are also spayed or neutered.

Our adoption application asks questions regarding your history with dogs, your lifestyle, and what you are looking for in a Great Pyrenees. Please fill out the application as completely and honestly as possible so that we may match the most suitable dog for your family situation. Once your payment and application have been received, it will be reviewed, and references will be contacted. You will be called for a phone interview and a home visit by one of our volunteers. Our volunteers spend many hours on each application. If for any reason you decide not to continue the application process, please let us know as soon as possible.

The volunteer will be looking for information on where the dog will spend the day and evening, and whether you have adequate space as well as an understanding of the needs of a Great Pyrenees. After your home check, one of our volunteers will work with you to match your family to the perfect dog.

We are located in the Atlanta area and most of our dogs are located in this area. As much as possible our dogs are housed with volunteer foster families which help us learn the personality of the dogs and aids in the matching process. We do accept out of state applications. Our out of state adoptees normally come to Atlanta to pick up their Great Pyrenees. We do not provide transportation.

Adopting a Great Pyrenees is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Your dog will be a part of your family for a long time, and can provide you with years of enjoyment and wonderful memories, but please remember owning a dog is a major commitment and is not inexpensive. Although once you own a Great Pyrenees, you will find the experience priceless.

All dogs under 1 year old = $650
All other dogs, regardless of age = $500
All dogs 9 years of age or older will be adopted to senior citizens (people 70 years +) at no charge

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