1 year old
47 lbs.
Great Pyrenees

Cloud Speckles here to say hi and introduce myself.

Everyone says I am a beautiful girl. (Well, thank you very much.) What is even better is that I am a beautiful girl on the inside, too.

My sister was recently adopted, and I hope to find a Pyr-fect family just like she did. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful foster family that is working on increasing my confidence. They provided GPRA with helpful insights about me, which follow.

“Cloud is still shy and nervous. When she first came into our home, she would hide from us. By coaxing her out with xylitol-free peanut butter, she began to trust us more. Cloud makes progress every day.” (It has been baby steps for me, but my Pyr-confidence is slowly returning.)

“Cloud is very intelligent. She knows we are using the peanut butter to trick her.” (Yep, I wised up to that tactic.)

“Cloud will take treats from your hand and is a very gentle dog.” (I am indeed the sweetest girl.)

“Inside the house, Cloud is chill and a couch potato. She has found her favorite places and stays there.” (Pyrs like me are very chill. Where might I find my favorite spot in your home?)

“Outside, Cloud is getting braver and is exploring the yard. A fenced-in backyard is a must for her because she is her happiest in the backyard.”

“Cloud is great with kids of all ages. She loves watching them play in the yard and is gentle and willing to accept treats and petting from them.” (Yes, the tiny humans are delightful to watch.)

“Cloud lies next to the piano when I play.” (I love listening to my human play beautiful music.)

“Cloud is house-trained. She has free run of the house when we leave.

“Last but not least, Cloud is so sweet and is making lots of progress. She still is not a leash walker because it is new to her. We are using patience, positive reinforcement and encouragement, food rewards, and lots of affection. (I have the very best Pyr-foster family!)

Your Pyr-beauty inside and out, Cloud Speckles

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