3 months
18.2 lbs
Great Pyrenees Mix

Hiya, I am Mira. I am another pup with the Stryker family. Our mom is a Great Pyrenees, and Dad is an Anatolian Shepherd. So, I am an Anatolian Pyrenees.

My foster parents provided GPRA with lots and lots of information about Zola and me. Here’s what they said about me:
“Mira is super curious, I mean suuuper curious! She will try to fit her body into almost anything, to get almost anywhere!”
“Mira is 100% gas pedal at all times until she hits a wall. Then she will find a corner or a dark spot and knock out.” (Yep, play hard and sleep hard. This is my life, and I love it!)
“Mira will need a consistent hand with training as she is very, very adamant about having her way. Here are examples.
1) Mira will go right back to the thing you told her not to chew. 2) While in the exercise pen, she makes several attempts to escape. 3) Mira will flop like a fish when on a leash sometimes and moan because she doesn’t want to do what I am asking her to do.” (I am a fun handful of mischief, and I certainly keep my foster parents busy.)
“The best part about Mira is that she is a total kisser. You cannot stop this girl from kissing you. When it comes to picture time, there is no way to take a close-up of Mira while she is awake because she swoops in for a kiss.”
“The second best part about Mira is that she is already giving her Pyr paw.”
“The third funniest/best part about Mira is that she has one dewclaw on her hind leg.”
I only have one more thing to share with you, and that is I want to thank my foster parents for loving my sister and me and putting up with all of our/(my) mischievous behavior!
Now, come over here so that I can kiss your face.

Full of Pyr-fun, Mira ❤

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