Casper Capri

4 yrs
128 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? If yes, then you need to adopt me! I am the magnificent Casper Capri! I am yet another Pyr found wandering a highway! The day that caring humans caught me is one that I will never forget!
My Pyr knowledgeable foster family gives me the very best care and thinks that I am an affectionate, friendly, playful, obedient and loving, family dog!
Here are a few things that my foster family knows about me.
“Casper is great with kids. He is gentle, tolerant, and does not get spooked or react to the quick movements/approaches of my boys.”
“Casper is very friendly with other dogs. He will try to establish his position within a pack and wants to be the Alpha. However, our resident big boy Pyr let him know he was the established Alpha of the family, and Casper accepted it without issue. Each day, Casper becomes more comfortable and less insecure.”
“Casper knows several commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘come,’ ‘paw,’ and ‘no.’ True to Pyr fashion, Casper selectively applies his knowledge of these commands.”
“Casper has a moderate to high energy level. He loves to play and is constantly on the move in the house checking in on everyone.”
“Casper will love having his very own fenced-in backyard. He is house-trained and will go to the door when he needs to go outside. However, his future family will want to establish a routine with him until they can pick up on his signs. Sometimes, Casper wants to go out and look around, while other times, he really needs to go outside.”
“What I love about Casper is his attention-needy demeanor right now, which will fade as he gains confidence and trust in his surroundings. He insists on being close with his humans, which is very sweet. Casper is also a bit of a goofball, which is quite endearing.”
“Casper is a charming boy and will be a great family dog once he settles in. While it may take him a bit of time to adjust, establishing a solid routine will provide him the security needed to trust his surroundings. He will be happiest as the biggest alpha boy with other dogs and with owners who understand the traits of Great Pyrenees such as their strong will, sometimes stubborn demeanor, and the ever-endearing trait that they will train you if you let them.”
So, that’s a bit about me. Are you ready to enjoy a fluffy white Christmas together?
Your Pyr-magnifienct boy, Casper Capri

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