Sadie & Lenny

DOB 05/12/2016
125 lbs. and 115 lbs.
Male and Female
Great Pyrenees Mix
Hi, I am Lenny, and this is my bonded litter-mate, Sadie! GPRA believes that we are a mix of Great Pyrenees and Husky. Did you know that Great Pyrenees are known for their majesticness and Huskies for their intuitive nature? GPRAs’ volunteers say we are ‘amazing,’ ‘delightful,’ and ‘possess very calm and gentle demeanors.’ We love sitting at our humans’ feet and receiving lots of love and pets. Since Sadie is braver, she will introduce us.
Yes, my brother, Lenny, is a little shyer but very fun and playful. We are pretty athletic, especially me, but my luxating patella was slowing me down quite a bit. I had surgery on 4/25 and it went very well. I will return to longer walks on 6/20 as long as x-rays show everything is ok. I am quite a talker, too, so get ready for fun conversations. (The talking comes from the Husky side!) We also LOVE to cuddle. We are great meeting new humans, and other dogs, even big ones, and the smaller humans (kids) are fantastic! Even though they are not very interested, I even try to play with small dogs! We know basic commands. Another fun fact is that we do not bark at FedEx or UPS delivery trucks! (Go figure!) I am also very proud to share that we are housebroken, have NO accidents, and know how to use a doggy door. We respect fences and do not jump or dig. We can be left home alone and are not scared of thunderstorms.
We are eagerly awaiting our new home.
You can also adopt both of us for the adoption fee of one! 
Your Pyrly delightful duo, Sadie and Lenny

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