The Marshall Litter

DOB: 03/08/2024
Great Pyrenees
Marshall your smiles to welcome this loving trio of pyr pups! We’re the Marshall litter, and we’re ready to marshal in the summer by heading to our new loving homes. Fate marshaled us together, and we’ve remained a loving family. Because we get along well with each other, we’ll most likely do well with other dogs in the home. The first picture is of me, Oslo Marshall. How do you do? I’ve marshaled my best pyr side-eyed gaze to show off my fun-loving yet calm personality. My foster mom tells me that I’m mostly laid back and sweet, but I can hold my ground in a jolly wrestling match with my brothers. The second image is of me, Luca Marshall. You can see my perfect head tilt in my photo because I’m always ready to play! Foster Mama says I’m a typical pup: active and rambunctious, but I’m also very sweet. The third photo is of me, Toby Marshall. Just look how cuddly I am as I snuggle with my best bro, Oslo! I’ve got the most soulful eyes too. If you’re considering adopting one of us, marshal all your love and patience because those things are key to raising a pyr puppy. We’ll need potty training, leash training, and basic command training, and pyrs are trained best through positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement means using treats and praise to train us, so you’ll need to marshal your tastiest training treats and your best “what a good boy!” voice. The Marshall Litter has marshaled our cutest smiles and fluffiest, cuddliest fur, so we are all set to go when you take us home!
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