Teddy Graham

4 months
50 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hello favorite humans! My name is Teddy G! In my opinion, the ‘G’ stands for ‘Great,’ ‘Gorgeous,’ and ‘Grand’! However, it can also stand for ‘Growing,’ as I am still learning every day!

My Pyr-best foster parents have taught me a lot. Here are a few insights into Pyr-fun me.

“Teddy G. is happy, loving, and smart. He loves walks and is happiest on hikes and adventures with his humans, but he’s not all-go or non-stop.” (Whether relaxing indoors or exploring outside, I am happy as long as we are together!)

“Teddy G. has shown some signs of early resource guarding, but with help, we can curb these tendencies.” (As a puppy, I need to learn not to protect the things I cherish, such as toys and food. With time, playing the trade game, and consistency, I will grow out of these habits!)

“Teddy G loves treats. He knows ‘sit’ and is very proud of it! We are still working on ‘off’ and ‘stay’!” (I’m very treat motivated, so let’s keep learning together!)

“Teddy G is very polite when initiating playtime with the kitty and gets along with our guests. He also thinks brush time is a game, though this will probably improve with training.” (I love to play with my humans and my fellow furry housemates!)

In the beginning, it will be best if I am not around young children until I can learn to be my Pyr-self.
Ready for the big world in a loving fur-ever home!

Pyrly Great, Gorgeous and Grand, ❤️ Teddy G.

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