Snowflake Rose

3 yrs
100 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Good day wishes to everyone! I’m the affectionate and adoring Snowflake Rose. Unfortunately, even though caring humans made multiple attempts to get my owner to surrender me, I had to live a life filled with neglect. But, I never gave up hope, and through it all, I kept my loving Pyr heart!
Here are a few things that my foster family has learned about me.
“Snowflake Rose is by far the most loveable and attention-seeking Pyr we have ever had. She adores affection from both humans and animals (even cats)!” (Yes, sadly, I am making up for living an isolated, neglected, and penned-up life. But, not anymore, thanks to GPRA!)
“Snowflake Rose knows commands such as ‘sit, ‘come,’ ‘down,’ and ‘no.’ “
“The minute you touch or pet Snowflake Rose, she will close her eyes and Pyr paw you to continue. She very much loves companionship and physical touch from her humans. We have never encountered a more gentle dog than Snowflake Rose.”
“From the first day with us, Snowflake Rose is making great progress learning house manners and trusting her surroundings. But, when she gets unsure of new things, she gives us a low bark. It’s as if she is seeking our help and telling us she is scared. So, we take things slowly with Snowflake Rose.”
“Snowflake Rose loves attention so much that she kept our master gardener neighbors company all day as they worked on our shared property line. She moved with them as they worked down the line trimming back the landscaping, no barking, but instead, she was very content and curious watching them work throughout the day. She was definitely in her element, and her Pyr-happiness showed.” (Yes, for the first time, I am finally living and only now know what love, kindness, and happiness feel like.)
Pyrly grateful forever, Snowflake Rose ❄️ 🌹

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