Snoopy Brown

10 months
60 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hey, all! I am the adorable Snoopy Brown! Would you believe that I was a homeless, wandering pup? Yes, I was! Those were scary days, and I never want to do that again. But, lucky for me, GPRA promises that I will never be on my own again.

My foster family is teaching me lots of great things! They say that I am a “work in progress.” Yep, that’s typical for young dogs. Just remember that ‘progress’ is the keyword! This Snoopy girl is super grateful to them, and I am working hard to get ready for my big adoption day!

Here are a few things my foster family has learned about me.

“Snoopy is highly active. She is very playful and good with teenage kids and their friends. Snoopy knows ‘sit,’ ‘no,’ ‘potty,’ and ‘come.'” (Whether it is with commands or playing with humans, I do my best to be the very best Pyr-girl I can be. Do you like to play, too?)

“Snoopy has figured out our potty time routine. Although I have not tried grooming yet, we can touch her anywhere. When outside, she does not try to break out by digging under or jumping the fence. While walking, she does pull on the leash. She will need leash training.” (I am open to all the love my humans can give me! When walking on a leash, I can get a bit excited! All I want to do is GO, GO, GO! I hope my future family is ready for lots of walking adventures together! No worries, I will learn the leash thing!)

“Snoopy has taken some time to warm up to us but has been coming around every day. (Being in a new home was scary! However, my foster family is super kind to me, so I am beginning to trust, and my fun personality is starting to shine through!)

“Snoopy is a bit protective of her food bowl and eats very fast, but she can be talked down from eating from one of my other dogs’ bowls.” (During my homeless days, I learned that food is something to gulp because I never knew if I would have another meal. With time, I will trust that my tummy will be full and satisfied every day.)

Pyr-grateful for a new start, Snoopy Brown

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