3 months
16.3 lbs
Great Pyrenees Mix

Is it my turn now? Ok, here goes. My name is Shea. I’m also a Stryker pup. Our mom is a Great Pyrenees, and Dad is an Anatolian Shepherd. So, I am an Anatolian Pyrenees. Yep, there are seven of us. Picking just one will not be an easy task because we are super sweet and unique in our own way. Good luck!

My Pyr-sensational foster parents are taking care of Chula and me. Here are a few things they have learned about both of us.
“Shea is super sweet and playful and full of energy!” (Playing with my sister is the best!)
“Shea is slightly smaller with no dewclaws.”
“Shea is very independent and out-going. She greets new people immediately and explores everything.” (There is a big world out there to explore, and I’m ready for it!)
“Shea is ‘top’ puppy and will boss her sister when eating.” (With some guidance, I will learn manners with my fur-family members.)
“Both puppies love treats and think every crinkly bag means it is treat time.”
“Both puppies are not rough and tumble players. Instead, they enjoy calmer playtime.”

Pyr-ready for the good life, Shea ❤

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