Sampson Mungo

1 year and 6 months
72 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Rise and shine, my lovely pyr people! It’s Sampson, here, and did you know my name means sun? My foster mama says that my personality shines a little brighter each day as I learn how to be loved by my humans. At first, I was like a little ray of sunshine peeping out from the clouds because while I was curious about people, I was still a little shy of them. I’m a bit cautious even now of new people, but my foster family has earned my trust. They’ve given me lots of fun chew toys! Basically, my human family is the moon to my sun. I’m really in sync with them because I’ve learned that they are safe and love me very much. In my new home, I’d love for my humans to be home a lot, so we can bond and I can feel loved and protected. My favorite time to cuddle my humans is when the sun has set; I’m an evening snuggle bunny! When Foster Mama says, “Good Morning, Sunshine” and we go for a walk, I look to her for direction. Foster Mom says I’m still learning how to walk on a leash, but I do pretty good. I’m very curious about dogs and cats, and I try to play with them when I see them on our neighborhood walks. Walking is of the best-est activities under the sun! I’m a good car rider too, so we can put the top down and sunbathe a bit. Inside the home, I have a sunny disposition too. I like to nap near my people, and my foster family is so proud of the fact that I’m house-trained! Pottying outside in a sunny backyard just seems like the natural thing to do. I’m getting used to things like being brushed too. One funny thing about me is that I love treats and my food, but I don’t like to be watched while I eat. I just don’t like the spotlight, or sunlight, on me while I’m snacking. Please, take me home! I’ll be your sunshine in the rain and give you all the love I have in my big, pyr heart!

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