Sadie & Lenny

4 yrs
125 lbs. and 115 lbs.
Male and Female
Great Pyrenees Mix

Hi! We’re Sadie and Lenny, a bonded pair of litter-mates! We’re 4 years old. Lenny (with the white head) weighs 125 lbs. and me, Sadie, 115 lbs. We have to be rehomed because our owner started a new job that requires traveling. We think we might be a Pyrenees/Husky mix. Let’s go ahead and talk about all the wonderful reasons why we deserve a new loving home and family to be the best of friends with! We both are sweet and loving! Since Sadie is braver, she’ll do ALL the talking!
My brother Lenny, is a little shier, but also fun and playful. I love my food and I’m very food-driven, Lenny on the other hand is very relaxed about food. We’re pretty athletic, especially me, and I’d love to go jogging with you! If you feel like taking it easy, we would still love to go on a walk, since we’re both leash-trained. Want to know a funny thing about me? People say I’m a talker sometimes, like my possible Husky relatives, and I love to cuddle. We both like all furry friends and want to play with them! I’m the brave one and Lenny is a little shy at first, but we both are curious and excited about meeting new people, dogs, even big dogs, kids and never show any aggression. I try to play with small dogs even though they’re not interested, but it doesn’t hurt to try?! We might even like cats, we don’t know, just never been around one. We know basic commands, so it’ll help whenever you want to teach us anything new. Another fun fact is that we don’t even bark at FedEx or UPS delivery people! We’re very proud to say my sister
and I are housebroken, have NO accidents, and trained for a doggy door. We respect fences, even with deer right outside the fence, no jumping, no digging. We can be left home alone and we’re
not even scared of thunderstorms. We don’t even notice them! If my brother and I sound like your possible new best friends, please email, click “Contact Us” or choose “Apply to Adopt”.
Don’t forget! Our adoption fees are HALF OFF!

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