Ruby Timber

5 months
53 lbs
Great Pyrenees Mix
Hellos, I am Ruby Timber, Yes, I look a little different than all the other Pyrs with GPRA, but this makes me extra special. I am part Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd. This means that if my mom and dad were purebreds, I am a Germanees. GPRA cannot confirm purebreds, but I do look a lot like other Germanese.
Did you know that Germanese are agile in their movements, kind, independent, and joyous to own?
Here is what my foster family knows about me.
“Ruby is outgoing, curious, smart, such a lover, and a playful girl.”  (Aww… thank you.)
“Ruby is athletic, loves to play with toys and balls, and has lots of puppy energy as she is only five months old. “ (Do you have a backyard so that we can play together?)
“We are working with Ruby on leash manners. Although she still pulls, Ruby is smart and is learning quickly.” (I am so thankful to my foster family, who is investing lots of time in getting me ready for adoption. )
“Ruby knows the “sit” command and is almost there with the “come” and “off” commands. We are also teaching her “down” and “stay.”
“Although we have not had visitors, Ruby will be fine as she loves everything and everyone.” (Yep, I am a lovey girl!)
“Ruby saw her reflection in the window and thinking it was another dog, her tail went up, and she barked at herself.  She is too cute.” (What’s a reflection? I know I saw another dog in the house but cannot find it.)
Ready for a fun-filled life with my very own fur-ever family.
Your Pyr-fun girl, Ruby Timber

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