Polar Blizzard

6 yrs
Great Pyrenees
Hi! I am the friendly and loving Polar Blizzard! Even though my name might sound a little foreboding, know that this Polar Blizzard will melt hearts!
Lucky for me, my Pyr-tastic foster parents are eager to tell you all about me. Here goes…
“Polar Blizzard loves his humans. He is a confident boy and checks on his humans throughout the day to see what we are doing. He will bond quickly with trusting humans. During the day and sometimes in the evening, Polar finds a quiet place in a closet area to rest and sleep.” (Yep, I love being in close proximity with my humans! Did you know that Pyrs are gregarious? I will also enjoy having another Pyr-friend and/or fur-sibling home with me for companionship, too.)
“Polar Blizzard is great with visitors. When neighbors visit, he leans up against them for more petting.” (I love receiving affection. The more attention, the merrier I am!)
“Polar Blizzard takes two long walks each day and some shorter walks. He is good on a leash and does not pull or show much interest in other dogs.” (Walks are the best, and I love spending lots of quality time with my humans! I hope to enjoy lots of daily walks in the future, too!)
Oh, one more thing, GPRA recommends that my future home not have cats or smaller dogs.
Pyr-ready for adoption and my very own loving family, Polar Blizzard
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