Peach Georgia

4 yrs
Great Pyrenees
Yes, my name is Peach Georgia, but you can call me Peach. I am another gentle giant GPRA alum that is perfect for your loving home.
I am so grateful to be with a caring foster mom who is introducing me to all the humans and canines of her neighborhood. Just look at all the awesome things she said about me to GPRA.
“Peach is an absolute sweetheart and is adjusting really well and has a very sparkly personality.” (Thank you. My sparkly personality lets you know how happy I am to be with you.)
“Peach is a dream! She is polite, a good listener, smart, and has excellent house manners. (Thank you. I really try to be a good girl!)
“Peach is a great family dog. She will bark at noises and sounds when outside, but she will quiet down for you, too.” (I am letting you know that I am keeping a watchful eye on things.)
“Peach prefers to be inside with her people and has been a great work from the home companion.” (My foster mom has been a great companion for me, too!)
“Peach will be a good option for a non-Pyr experienced owner.” (I am a lovely girl!)
“Peach LOVES to goof in the yard, follows me up and down the stairs all day, and LOVES to go for 30-40 minute walks twice each day. She has good leash manners. Peach is an active and fun-loving girl that needs some exercise to obtain a healthy weight.” (If you are looking for a walking buddy to get and stay healthy, I am your girl! PS I need to drop a couple pounds.)
Looking forward to being your Peach of a girl… -Peach

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