Oso Blanco

DOB :05/15/2023
89 lbs
Great Pyrenees

It’s a beautiful day here in pyr world, and I’m thrilled to meet another pyr enthusiast! I’m Oso Blanco which is Spanish for “White Bear.” My name fits me well as I am a big pyr boy with a fluffy, white coat! Like any young cub, I’m still learning how to be housetrained, so my foster parents and I are working on it. For some reason, I’m also scared of stairs, but my foster family is helping me to conquer that fear too. What comes most naturally to me is being a teddy bear! I love my humans, and I love to cuddle them. People, in general, are my favorite! Sometimes, I get so bear-y excited to see people that I jump up on them to say, “Hi, I love you!” Giving and getting affection makes me so happy, and Foster Mom is teaching me how not to jump up. My love language also includes food and treats! Being treat-motivated makes training easy. I’ve already learned “come” and “stay.” Another skill I’ve mastered is walking well on the leash. I know some bears like to hibernate during the winter, but I like to play! Romping around with other dogs in the yard is the best way to spend an afternoon, so I definitely need a yard to get out my young, pyr energy. While I’d love another doggo brother or sister, cats are way too much fun to chase. In the house, I enjoy chewing on chew toys. Bears may love honey, but I love my chew toys! The thing I’d love the most, though, is to come home with you!

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