Olaf Viking

1.5 yrs
90 lbs.
Great Pyrenees

Hi there! Loveable and loads-of-fun Olaf Viking is here to share what makes me irresistible. With a name like Olaf, how can I not be irresistible? So, with the help of my foster mom, I’m proud to pyr-sent myself to you:

“Olaf is a super sweetheart boy! He loves to play and be active with his humans! He also loves to go on walks and can be a couch potato when he fulfills his exercise needs. If you let him, he will sit on you to get as close as possible!” (Yep! I love my adventure time, but I also love to cuddle up with my favorite cuddle buddies-my humans! I hope you have room on your lap for me, too! All this Olaf boy needs is love (and treats!) to live a happy life!)

“Olaf knows the commands: “sit,” “down,” and “come,” and we are working on “stay.” Olaf is very playful with dogs that will play and is respectful of those that do not.” (Learning the command “stay” can be challenging for me because all I want to do is follow my humans. Oh-and I love to play a lot! Do not worry, I can be a pyr-fect gentle-pyr and will settle in for an afternoon nap, too.)

“Olaf loves brushing, except on his tail. He has not tried to jump or dig under the fence. He does well when left alone in the house with the other dog.” (What can I say? I’m a pyr-fect roommate.)

If you say “yes” to me, I will be your big white gentle giant fur-ever! And, like my namesake, Olaf in Frozen, you will “be worth melting for” to me, too.
Your Pyr-loveable boy, Olaf Viking 

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