Olaf Oslo

2 yrs
77 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hi there! Loveable and goofy Olaf (Jack Frost) Oslo is here to share what makes me irresistible. How can I not be adorable with a name like Olaf (Jack Frost) Oslo? My backstory is that my foster humans volunteered at the local animal shelter on Christmas Eve and found me. Seeing that I had an injury and being concerned no one would adopt me and with the help of GPRA, I now get to have a happily-ever-after! So, with the help of my foster family, I’m proud to Pyr-sent myself to you.
“Olaf (Jack Frost) Oslo is a listener and loves humans and other animals. He gets along well with cats and dogs. He is goofy, smart, sweet, and very cuddly!”
“Jack is motivated by food and eats well, and he loves treats. His treat motivation and love for his humans offers positive rewards for his on-going training needs.” (I will do just about anything for love and sweet words from my humans, and bring on those healthy treats, too!)
“Jack has been recovering from surgery on his patella and has been on restricted activity. Upon being cleared for increased activity, I anticipate that Jack will be a fun, friendly, active, and playful Pyr.” (I cannot wait! Will you play with me?)
“Jack is extremely easy-going. He loves to be brushed and enjoyed being cleaned by the groomer after leaving the shelter.”
“Jack knows the commands ‘sit’ and ‘lie down.’ He is housetrained and has free roam of the house even when we leave. No crates for Jack!”
“My family has had many special moments with this loveable boy. My favorite is seeing my son snuggled up on the couch with Jack. My son is the one who named him Jack Frost, which is appropriate because he loves to lie in the snow on the deck. Unfortunately, we cannot adopt him, but he is the absolute best dog.”
So, what more do you need to know to fall in love with me? One last thing, I love my foster family and want to thank them for being such excellent caretakers.
Your loveable, grateful and goofy boy, Olaf (Jack Frost) Oslo

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