• Obi
  • Obi
  • Obi
DOB: 01/11/2023
75 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Hello, Pyr Friends! I’m Oberon, or Obi, for short. Did you know Oberon means royal bear? The name suits me perfectly! Just look at my pictures. Aren’t my badger markings just regal? Foster Mama also says I’m a cuddly, snuggly bear! That’s because I love people and older kids around teenage age. They just make my little bear heart so happy! Being royal means being responsible as well. And, I am Mr. Responsibility when it comes to pottying outside. I’m fully housetrained, so when I have to attend to state business, a.k.a do my business, I stand by the door to let you know it’s time. My foster mom tells me I’m very obedient and trainable too, especially when there are training treats involved. I already know the commands: sit, stay, come, and down. A good prince always listens to his caretakers! My fellow canines are a part of my royal family too, and we get along magnificently. At my foster home, I live with a male and female pyr who are a little bit older than me, and there’s nothing more honorable than respecting your elders. We have so much fun romping around the royal gardens, I mean the yard, and if I get too rowdy, they kindly let me know. Being the dignified prince that I am, I always listen. Foster Mom says I’m a young, pyr boy learning about the world around me, and I agree.  One kingly sport I’ve already mastered is fetch. We’ll have so much together! You can throw the tennis ball, and I’ll chase it and bring it back to you. Because I’m still a young pyr prince, I really need a fenced-in yard to get out all my royal roomies! I’d love to see the rest of our kingdom too, so we can also go on a royal promenade, or a walk, together in the neighborhood. Or, if you want to venture out to ye olde coffee shoppe or maybe even the park, we can because I’m great in the car! Please consider taking me home today. I can’t think of anything more majestic than becoming a part of a family who will love me and help me continue to grow into the noble pyr I’m meant to be!
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