Murphy Andre

6 yrs
91 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hello, human pals! I am the marvelous Murphy, and I am here to tell you all about me [with the help of those who know me]!
“Murphy has a great personality. He is loving and very playful. He is also fantastic with young kids. (Aww, thank you. Yes, I love the smaller humans very much!)
“Murphy loves to be outside (when it’s not too hot or too cold), has always slept inside, sometimes on his bed, often on the hardwood floors. He is very friendly and sweet, loves to meet new people, and is good with visiting dogs.”
“Murphy is typical Pyr when it comes to strangers approaching the house. He will bark and be protective.” (Pyrs are guardians. You can count on me to sound the alarm when I have concerns.)
“Murphy would love to be a lap dog!” (If you need a couch buddy, I am your boy!)
“Murphy will put his head in your lap, nudge your  arm and stare at you when he wants to go outside.”
“Murphy’s best playmate was a 13-pound terrier/dachshund mix. Murphy was very gentle and sweet with her, but he did, at times, play too roughly with our female senior pyr mix. Murphy ignored the cat.  (I love fur-playmates!)
“Murphy does best with specific dog food, and GPRA will tell you which dog food keeps me healthy. However, Murphy cannot have anything with chicken in it.”
“Murphy has never tried to dig under or climb our six-foot, four-board fence with wire but can squeeze through an opening in our gate.” (Although I love to sneak out and run around, be sure to secure the gate and outdoor fences to keep me safe. With additional obedience training, I will do better on my recall, too.)
Just one more thing, if my new family has chickens, I will need help learning that they are off-limits.
GPRA says that a very loving family, a backyard and fur-siblings are out there just for me, and I cannot wait!
Your Pyr-marvelous boy,
❤️❤️ Murphy
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