1 year
67 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Good day to you! I am the wonderful boy, Murphey Moore. I was adopted by a loving owner who realized that my size was a bit more than she could manage. It was hard to say goodbye because we bonded very quickly. You see, I immediately knew that she was my charge, which means I was very committed to watching over her and our home. After all, this is the nature of the Great (emphasis on GREAT) Pyrenees! We are devoted guardians.

Here are a few things my owner shared with GPRA.
“I adopted Murphey because he was the only dog that got along with my cat and dog.”
“Murphey is a truly great dog. He follows me everywhere.”
“Murphey was quite famous and friendly with everyone at Petsmart.”
“Murphey has a wise demeanor. He is smart and quite sensitive.”
“Murphey needs someone who will invest time into teaching him leash manners.”

So, that is a bit about me. As my foster family learns more, I will update you. Until then, I will be waiting to meet my Pyr-ever family.

Pyrly faithful, Murphey Moore

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