Maggie Mango

1 year
85 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hello, I am Maggie Mango. I hope you are having a Pyr-tastic day!
Here are a few things my foster mom shared with GPRA.
“Maggie is a cuddler, curious, smart, cautious, loving, and devoted. Maggie is also still puppyish in many ways.” (Yes, I have many excellent Great Pyrenees qualities, and I’m also still learning how to trust and feel safe.)
“Maggie is leash trained and knows commands such as sit, stay, down, and off.” (I’m off to a great start and will need more obedience training to help young me grow up to be my best Pyr-self.)
“Maggie gets along with our dog and cat. (Having another fur-friend will be great! Then, I will have a playmate.)
“Maggie barks to go outside and paws the door to come in.” (Yes, I try to be a good girl.)
“Maggie needs someone who will devote the time to increasing her confidence and work with her as she adjusts to a new home.” (Time, lots of patience, and love are all I need. As my trust increases, so will my Pyr-confidence!)
“Maggie is a true guardian. She alerts us to visitors.” (I do my best to be a faithful guardian.)
I’m genuinely a sweet girl seeking a loving, understanding, and trusting owner who will be mine forever. Pyrly yours, Maggie
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