4 yrs
87 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hellos to all of my human friends! I am the Amazing Macy Pebbles! My Mom has helped me to compile a list of all my best traits! Since my parents will be moving overseas to a place I can not follow, they need to find me the best loving owners!
Here is a bit about me.

“Macy is shy, affectionate, and cuddly! She knows many commands, such as ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘place,’ and ‘back-up.’ (Yep, my patient and loving parents taught me a lot, and I will need help from my future family, too!)

“Macy will be happiest with another dog in the house. She loves our dog and follows him everywhere. (I love having a friend in the house with me! Without one, I will get very lonely! Just remember to feed us separately as I like my food bowl a lot. Also, being separated from my littermates at five weeks was rough. Therefore, fur-siblings will be very comforting to me.)

“Macy is an athlete and loves to be outside! She flies over a 4-5 foot fence, but she always comes back. Macy was raised on a large unfenced property, so she was used to running free. She is also an escape artist in the house. So when we are inside, we have to be certain that we deadlock the door.” (Yep, a country dog life will be fantastic for me as I’m not best suited for leash walks being my primary exercise. I will be happiest with lots of land to run on!)

My Mom says that it takes me a little time to trust and warm up, but I am a very loving girl.

I am Pyr-ready for a life filled with lots of fun and lots of running with my human and fur-sibling family.
Your Pyrly awesome girl, Macy Pebbles

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