Luna Leone

3.5 yrs
100 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hellos! I am the lovely Luna Leone, and I am eager to make a Pyr-awesome first impression! My foster mom has lots of good things to share with you about me. Here goes:
“Luna is curious, new to the indoors, strong, and a total lover and cuddler! When indoors, she is a ‘real’ couch potato and enjoys the AC! She is super sweet with visitors; all she wants are lots of pets!” (Who knew that inside living is better than the outside, especially on hot summer days!  Oh, one more thing, I hope my future family invites lots of guests over; the more cuddles, the better!)
“Luna knows ‘sit’ and does well with other dogs! She likes to go for walks! She needs help getting comfortable with a leash, but overall does quite well! (Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my Pyr-sister recently, so I would love to have other fur-family members.)
“Luna has been fine being left at home alone with my dog!” (Playdates with my foster fur-friend are pretty chill, we mostly try to outdo each other with how long we can sleep!)
“Luna does not have a schedule or a specific way to let me know she needs to go outside. However, she is learning the house training routine very quickly.” (Yep, Pyrs are smart. We only need a little time and patience to learn new routines.)
“Luna is such a wonderful, sweet Pyr. I think she will be great with someone with a backyard and invested in getting her to a healthy weight and spoiled with cuddles and indoor living.” (Aww, thank you!)
“Luna has not been unusually afraid of storms or fireworks. Of course, loud car noises startle her, but this is not unusual.” (I’m getting the hang of my new life, and it’s incredible! When will I get to meet my new family because I’m Pyr-ready for it!)
Pyrly yours, Luna
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