Great Pyrenees

I’m here! My two-year-old, 77 lb gorgeous dog self escaped an owner who was about to be cited for not providing water or shelter then I made it out of animal control just in time to meet you. Or a friend of yours. Or your boss. Or anyone you know ready to love, feed, pet, show off and adore a Great Pyrenees with a mysterious past. Maybe I was a pup movie star? I might have valiantly protected herds of sheep. Could be I am the best crumb-picker-upper in history. We’ll have to find out about the other stuff as we go but hey, I don’t know anything about you either so we’re both on the same starting line, right? Of course, by the time you meet me, I’ll have had a bath and good brushing, but I’ll still need a foster and a forever family. No need to swipe right to meet me, just please email or click “Apply to Adopt” below and GPRA’s best-in-the-world volunteers will take it from there.

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Our main mission at GPRA is to find the right permanent home for Great Pyrenees in distress, whether they are strays or from an overpopulated kill or no-kill shelter. We don’t care how old they are or what their medical condition is because we will make sure they receive a comprehensive medical evaluation, spaying or neutering, and even behavioral training if necessary.