La Luna

9 months
50 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hi there. I am the sweet La Luna and a very special Great Pyrenees because I am deaf. But, no worries, I am learning to understand my humans through hand gestures and eye contact. These early training techniques are essential because it helps my humans keep me safe.
Currently, I am with my Pyr-wonderful foster mom. She says that I brighten everyone’s day with my kind eyes and sweet Pyrenees smile. So, here are a few more things my foster family has learned about me.
“Luna is very curious and loves people. She always wants to be right next to her humans.” (If you are seeking a cuddle pup, I am your girl!)
“Luna certainly enjoys her food, but she is more motivated by physical praise.” (There is nothing better than seeing and knowing that I am pleasing my humans with good manners and sweetness.)
“Luna has a moderate energy level. She enjoys walks and running in the yard and is also perfectly content sitting next to you on the couch.”
“Although Luna has not had formal leash training, she is easy to walk. When meeting other dogs, she is curious and wags her tail. On occasion, she may bark because she is happy. “
“Luna is house-trained. Normally, she will go to the door to let you know she is ready to go outside.” (Yes, I try to be a good girl in the house.)
“Waking up Luna every morning is so wholesome. Since she does not hear me coming, I approach slowly and gently pet her to wake her. When she finally wakes up, she is so excited to see me.” (A loving touch and gentle petting is a beautiful start to every day! Thank you!)
Your Pyr-sweet girl, Luna

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