Jordan Snow

  • Jordan Snow
  • Jordan Snow
DOB: 03/03/2021
90 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Jordan is my name, and being cute is my game! Seriously, check out my pictures. I’ve got great facial expressions in every one! I’m not just a pretty face, however. Foster Mama says I’m a very sweet boy for many different reasons. For one, I actually don’t mind being groomed. Go ahead and trim my nails. I want to look my best, so I will stay still for you. Being brushed is fun too. And, I understand that keeping my coat glossy takes work. The best way to reward me for all my grooming patience is with a face massage. I love them! My jowls need massaging because I love to spend an afternoon chomping on a chew toy. I’m still a young pyr boy, so chewing and having the zoomies is a part of my every day. A backyard with room to play would be ideal. I do, sometimes, dig holes in the backyard, but I will work on that behavior. Did you know that Jordan means to flow down? Foster Mom also says that I’m such a good doggo because I really do go with the flow. I’m good with kids, people, and other dogs! Because I love my people so much, I’d love to be adopted by a family who is home more often than not, or maybe I can come with you on family outings. I ride well in the car, so it would easy and fun. Adventure is my middle name! Taking hikes and swimming in the river are always a good time. I like just strolling around the neighborhood too, though. When I see my doggo brethren on a walk, I get so excited, and I want to get to them asap to say, “Hello!” I love playing with male and female dogs, but I prefer living with a female dog in my home. Being friendly is just a part of who I am except if you’re a cat. If you’re looking for a loving pyr who will bring joy to your family, your search is over! I’m right here and waiting to come home with you!

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