Harry Beamer

10 months
90 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Happy day greetings to all! I am Harry. As a young Pyr, I have a lot to figure out and learn. Similar to every young dog, I will need patience, dedicated time, and training to help me be my very best Pyr self!  Are you ready to help me learn?
Lucky for me, I am now with a wonderful foster family. Gosh, I did not know humans could be so kind and loving. Here is what my foster family knows about me.
“Harry is very loving and joyful when he feels safe and loved and will give you the very best tail wags! But, for now, Harry seems to do best in a quiet and calm setting as he is still decompressing and learning all about his new surroundings and humans.”
“Harry has not had one single accident in our home. And, he is only ten months old -wow!”
“Harry is smart and picks up cues from our Pyr.  However, our Pyr is on the submissive side, so I think a more alpha Pyr will be an excellent coach for Harry to help build his confidence and keep him in line.”
“He is reactive to all new noises and barks deeply. I think he may have been an outside dog as every single house noise seems utterly foreign to him. However, he is getting used to our everyday noises. Today, no reaction to the coffee brewing or the cereal bowl and spoons clanging over breakfast. Progress!”
“Harry is terrified of the garbage truck.” (Whatever is that big thing that makes lots of noise? Will it return?)
“Harry has adapted wonderfully to our home with our hardwood flooring. However, Harry will not go up the stairs. We encourage him up the steps, but he gets frightened, freezes, and will not budge. (Cannot say that I have ever seen stairs before, and once I get up, how ever do I get down?)
“Yes, Harry can be a little needy, but it is in a very tender and endearing way. I question how much love Harry received in his former life as we do not know his backstory. But, if Harry trusts you, he gives the most AMAZING and INTENTIONAL love you can receive from a dog…And, I have a dog, and it’s a unique kind of love he gives/needs. Harry also greets you with the most JOYOUS tail wags as if he has not seen you for months.”
“Last night, Harry slept straight through the night and awakened us with lots of smooches, love and tail wagging. Harry is such a LOVING and endearing young Pyr, and I know GPRA will find him the very best home!”
“One of my favorite things about Harry is his soulful eyeliner eyes and unique eyeliner ears! (Aww, thank you. My Pyr-heart just doubled in size. Thank you for loving me.)
Your Pyr-endearing boy, Harry

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