1 yr 10 mths
Great Pyrenees

I know, kinda funny naming an almost 2-year-old, 108 lb. boy Pyr after a bird, isn’t it? I guess that’s what happens when your owner is a veterinarian who loves animals. In fact, they loves me so much, they’re letting me go to keep me safe. See, when I finally had enough of the other dog in our house picking fights with me and started fighting back, I got hurt. One too many times. So, the search is on for someone, or a whole family, who wants a housetrained, well socialized, low-key, and submissive sometimes to the point of being a scaredy-cat, Pyr. That’s not a slam on cats, I like cats—and the other dogs I’ve lived with. No one knows how I’ll be with children or how I’ll behave if I’m left alone too long. My owner took me everywhere, which is how I know I’m reactive to other dogs when I’m on the leash or in the car. Routines, soft, positive reinforcement, coaxing, and slow introductions to new people are all really good things in my world. So, if those behaviors are part of your world, too, please email or click “Apply to Adopt” below, so we can start getting to know each other.

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Our main mission at GPRA is to find the right permanent home for Great Pyrenees in distress, whether they are strays or from an overpopulated kill or no-kill shelter. We don’t care how old they are or what their medical condition is because we will make sure they receive a comprehensive medical evaluation, spaying or neutering, and even behavioral training if necessary.