Gillie Girl

1 year old
43 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hello, there! I’m Gillie Girl, and I’m so glad to meet you! Girl is a part of my name because I’m still a little girl pup. The great wide world is a new and exciting place, and I have the energy to match it! Chewing is one way I get out my energy, so I will need some nice chew toys and lots of exercise. A backyard with a six-foot fence for me to run and play in would be fantastic. I can jump a shorter fence, especially if I see a deer. No cats or chickens either, please! They are way too much fun to chase, and I want to be a good pyr girl. Other dogs, though, are awesome to be around. I would really like to have a doggy sibling or friend to hang out with. I love to play with kids too because we get the zoomies together! Sometimes, I’m having such a good time with them, I jump up a little bit. My GPRA friends say teaching me the command: “down” through positive reinforcement will do the trick. I already know “sit” and “come,” so I can learn that one too! I even tell you when I have to potty by barking a the back door. I’m one smart girl! While I do have that young pyr energy, I am actually very easy on the leash. But, when I’m really excited, I can chew through my collar, so a chain collar would be best. Going on walks is one of my favorite things to do! And, if we walk by a stream, so much the better. I’m a pyr that likes water, rain included! Funny enough, baths are a different story. I’ll tolerate them, but I don’t love getting bathed. If you want to take me to a groomer, that’s okay with me because I’m good in the car. Getting brushed, however, is almost as good as going for a walk. You can brush me all day, every day! It feels so nice! Even though I’m a big white ball of fun, I can be a little shy at first when meeting new people. Don’t get your tail in a twist, though! I warm up to people quicker than a summer afternoon. In fact, my GPRA friends say I am very loving and a snuggler! They even noticed how gently I take treats. I’m the type of pyr who cherishes her humans, and I like to be able to guard their home while they’re gone. I don’t like the crate because I want to be able to walk around and bark at things or people that need barking at. See what a good Gillie Girl I am? Take me home, and I promise to be your good-est Gillie girl!



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