Fred Walker

DOB: 01/08/2023
75 lbs.
Great Pyrenees Mix

Hello, Pyr Friends! Meet me, Fred! My GPRA family says my nickname could be Fabulous Fred because I’ve frankly mastered a lot of skills. I’m already housetrained which is fantastic, and I give you friendly bark or whine to let you know, “I need to go out, please!” Riding in the car is also something I’m very facile at doing. Because I enjoy hanging out with other dogs outside the home, we can totally hop in the car and head to the dog park! Or, we can go for a coffee run and grab a frappuccino. When we walk in the neighborhood, I’ll be known as Famous Fred because of how friendly I am to everyone I meet, including the kiddos. While I love seeing my fellow canines and children on leash, I prefer to be the only dog in the house, and I do best with a family who has teens or just adults. My GPRA friends will tell you that people are my favorite. Once you take me home, you’ll see what a sweet, cuddly, and happy boy I am! As a young pyr, I’m still full of that fresh pyr energy, and I’d enjoy a place to get out my zoomies. Also, because I’m a youthful male pyr, I’m still learning my leash manners although everyone says I’m pretty good on the leash. One of my most famed qualities is my keen intelligence! I know all the fundamental commands: sit, down, and stay. I’ve even heard some people call me Fair Fred because of how beautiful I am, but all I really want is to be your Faithful Fred companion who will love you forever!

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