Dolly Parton

4 months old
Great Pyrenees
Hi, Y’all! I’m Dolly Parton, and I’m down right pleased to meet you! Like my namesake, my personality is as sweet as apple pie. My foster mama says I’m so good with people because I love everybody. Dolly Parton, the singer, is known for having a big heart, and I do too! You can see in all my smiley pictures that I’m always happy to be around my foster family. I’ve also heard that Dolly has sung plenty of duets with all kinds of people. Well, when I’m not cuddling my humans, I love to hang out with other dogs. We don’t sing, but we sure do have a fun time playing and snuggling! Dolly Parton is one smart lady who can manage a theme park, her singing career, and a lot of charities. I think I’d make her proud because I’m one smart pyr pup who is eager to learn everything. Foster Mama was just telling me that I’m plumb wonderful on the leash! While I’ve already mastered leash-walking, I’m still working on my potty-training, but Foster Mom says as long as I get to go outside a lot, I’m doing a great job of pottying in the yard! Celebrity Dolly Parton is all the way grown up, but I still have plenty of growing and learning to do. As a baby pup, I’ll need to continue my potty-training, my leash-training, and basic command training all through positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement means training with praise and treats because those are what us pyrs respond to best. If you’re looking to help raise this shining star puppy into a starlet pyr lady, then consider adopting me today!
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