Daisy Darling

7.5 yrs
110 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Daisy Darling is my name, and you will not find a sweeter, gentler giant than me.

What’s a low-energy girl to do when all she has known is to be home alone for long hours? Yep, sleep! Therefore, very mellow me will benefit from many short walks to get me stronger and help me drop a few pounds.
Here are other things that my foster family knows about me.
“Daisy Darling is a lovely girl and is great with people and other dogs.”

“Daisy Darling has terrific leash manners. She meanders along but loves to go on walks.”

“Daisy Darling is house-trained. One night she woke me up to let me know she had to go outside. She is such a good girl.” (I try to be a good girl. Thank you for getting up and taking me outside.)

“My younger dog jumped on Daisy Darling when she was sleeping, and it startled Daisy. Daisy let my dog know that she was not happy with that behavior by barking at her. Very young children need to know to leave her alone while she is sleeping.” (I am a gentle giant and like naps without interruption or someone or something jumping on me. You understand, right?)

“We call Daisy a turn-key Pyr because she is pyr-fect. She has excellent manners, takes treats gently, is house-trained, and loves almost everyone and everything (except cats).”

“Daisy adores children. She loves going to the bus stop where all of the children fawn over her.” (The best hours of the day are bus drop-off and pickup. Can I go to school with the younger humans?)

“Daisy will do very well with future owners who have a low-key lifestyle – possibly a retired couple. And, if grandkids come to visit, she will soak up the attention.”

“Daisy Darling has perfected the Pyr paw and will Pyr paw you for more pets.” (My human sister pets me a lot, and I cannot get enough of her love and affection.)

“Daisy Darling is the easiest foster that I have ever had. She is also the sweetest!” (Aww, thank you!)

Your Pyrly darling girl, Daisy Darling

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