Cooper Pickles

2 yrs
Great Pyrenees

Cooper here to tell you all about marvelous me. While I never thought I would end up being surrendered by my loving family, here I am. No worries, I know GPRA will find my forever family.  Here is what my previous family said about me.

“Cooper is an adorable dog with a wonderful heart.” (Yes, I am a fun-loving, good boy!)

Cooper just wants someone to love him, and we do not have the time. (I understand. Yes, I love being with my humans!)

“Cooper still needs some obedience training.” (I’m so eager to be a good boy that I know I will be a fast learner on the obedience thing. At least I promise to try my best!)

“Cooper is playful with other dogs but has not lived with another dog. He pays little attention to our cat.” 

“Cooper will love having a backyard where he can play. He also loves being an inside lazy boy.” (Yes, I love having the best of both worlds – an outside yard to roam and play and a dog bed inside to doze the day away.)

“Cooper has learned how to escape our backyard, so make sure your fenced-in yard is secure.” (Yep, I got out. I know I should not do this, but I was looking for new friends.)

“Cooper is housetrained and walks great on a leash.”  (I told you I am a good boy!)

“Cooper likes car rides and swimming.” (Yes, I love doing just about anything with my humans.)

That’s a bit about me. Come meet me soon, because I’m a wonderful boy! Your number one bud, Cooper

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