Bruno Barnes

2 yrs
Great Pyrenees

Bruno Barnes here, with my alluring baby blues! (My foster mom has affectionately nicknamed me Blue.) Here is a list of several reasons why you should make me your cuddle Pyr! 

“Bruno Barnes LOVES his humans and wants nothing more than to be with them 24/7. ” 

“Bruno is very smart, alert, loyal, and gentle. Bruno will laze around, but when his human moves, he moves. He will thrive with an attentive owner who loves him just as much as he loves them!” (If I were to howl about my favorite things, my humans would be at the top of the list!)

“Bruno needs a second to warm up to guests but accepts them if you direct him and tell him they are your friend. He reacts well to other animals inside the home and is good with other dogs off-leash.” (Before becoming besties, I will give you the sniff test! Don’t worry though, I’ve never met a human friend who failed it!)

“Bruno knows basic commands but needs some cues. However, he is very smart and trainable. Bruno is housetrained and has never asked to go out other than getting antsy.” (I look forward to improving my Pyr manners with you! Maybe you can encourage me with some treats?)

If you leave the door to your heart open, I will walk right on in and stay!

Your blue-eyed Pyr boy, 
Bruno Barnes 💙💙
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