Boo Boo Bear

6 yrs
100 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hi. I am Boo Boo Bear, and who might you be?

My loving mom rescued me when I was six months old. Sadly, now she is very sick and can no longer care for me. As you can imagine, our goodbye was sorrowful. She did a very loving thing because she knows that I am in good hands with GPRA.

Everyone says that I am one handsome boy, have a gorgeous coat, and am an absolute sweetheart. Well, thank you! Just know that I am also a loyal guardian and protector when needed. I can also detect seizures. Aren’t dogs the absolute best? We help our humans in so many ways.

A few other things to share are that I am house-trained and know commands such as sit and come. I’m great with other dogs, and my friend was an Aussie. However, I have no experience with cats.

I’m fearless with most things, except you may find me under a table during a thunderstorm. Do you think you can help me find a quiet hideaway from the loud noises?

Last and most importantly, my previous mom said I am very loving. Yes, I am because she loved me!

Pyrly deserving of a new loving home. Boo Boo Bear

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Our main mission at GPRA is to find the right permanent home for Great Pyrenees in distress, whether they are strays or from an overpopulated kill or no-kill shelter. We don’t care how old they are or what their medical condition is because we will make sure they receive a comprehensive medical evaluation, spaying or neutering, and even behavioral training if necessary.