Bobo Blue

3-4 yrs
Great Pyrenees

Hi, how are you today? I now go by the name Bobo. However, my foster mom has affectionately nicknamed me “Bandit.” Just know that this Bandit boy promises only to steal your heart!

A compassionate human found me wandering a highway and rescued me.

I’m very friendly and have double dewclaws. The leash thing is new, but I will figure it out! Please be patient with me as I learn that leash activities can be fun because I am with my favorite humans.

My fabulous foster mom has the following to share about me:
“Bobo (aka Bandit) has a sparkling and warm personality. He loves and craves attention from his humans.” (Aww, thank you. I love my foster family.)
“Bobo/Bandit probably spent most of his life outside, which is where he is most comfortable. He gets more comfortable inside the house every day. Now that he has found the cool floors of the house, he enjoys sleeping inside.”
“Bobo/Bandit has beautiful markings, hence why I call him Bandit. The tips of his ears are dark black.”
“Bobo/Bandit will be great for someone who wants an indoor and outdoor companion.” (I’ll be your guardian and companion wherever you are. Oh, AC is fantastic, especially on hot summer days.)
“Bobo/Bandit is willing to learn and is a smart boy.” (Yep, I am Pyr- smart and want to make you proud of me.)
“Since it appears that no one has ever worked with him, Bobo/Bandit will need a patient owner who will offer consistent training to help him learn.” (I’ll be an even faster learner with some yummy treats!)

As GPRA learns more about me, I will update you.

Pyrly thankful, Bobo (aka the heart-stealing Bandit)

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