Big Boy

11 months
50 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hi! I am Big Boy! Well, I am not a big boy yet, but I’m working on it. As a young, neglected, and abandoned young Pyr, the early months of my life were not good. Sadly, my family left me behind when they moved, which has me wondering why they even got me in the first place. However, that’s enough about my past. It’s time to turn the page and start again. The good news is that I am learning that humans can be kind and loving, and I am trusting and settling into my foster home very quickly.
Here’s what GPRA knows about me:
“Big Boy is smart, energetic, and playful. He has a lot of puppy energy in him.”
“It was sad to see him so terrified when his foster humans picked him up. But, after hearing kind and encouraging words, Big Boy was ready to trust and engage.” (I have learned not to trust things, but my foster humans were so kind to me that I could not help but feel safe and secure!)
“Big Boy will benefit from continued leash work as he is still learning. He is also learning the ‘shake’ command and knows the ‘sit’ and ‘no’ commands.” (Yep, I’m just a youngster, do you have the time and patience to help me learn?)
“Big Boy is house-trained. And, sometimes, he will also go to the door to let you know that he has to go outside.” (I try to be a good boy, too!)
“My favorite thing about Big Boy is his loving and playful personality. He will cuddle up with you as well as chase and play with you in the yard.” (Aww, thank you. I love you, too!)
Pyr-ready to trust and play, Big Boy

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