Bailey Blueberry

2.5 yrs
64 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Bailey Blueberry (BB) is here to wish all of you a Happy 2022! As for what I want in our New Year, well, you already know. I want a forever home where I am part of the family. As a younger Pyr, I will benefit from dedicated time and consistent training from my humans because no one has helped me learn how to be my best Pyr self. Therefore, I am in learning mode. I will benefit from exposure to new experiences and humans who will build my trust. GPRA is already helping me, and I am learning a lot in my foster home. So far, this is what GPRA knows about me.
“Bailey Blueberry is a cuddler and love bug. During her cuddle couch time, she loves being in between her humans and will ensure she touches both while falling asleep and then snoring.”
“She is a protector and very smart. She is learning what things she should bark at and which are of no concern. However, her humans need to continue helping her with positive reinforcement and encouraging comments to guide her learning.”
“Bailey Blueberry loves her tennis ball and will toss it in the air and then pounce on it. She is very amusing!”
“BB’s work in progress areas are walking on a leash, cats, and learning how to act properly around other dogs. Her young age and lack of training and exposure are probably the reasons. But, again, dedicated time and consistent training will make a world of difference for Bailey Blueberry. She is smart and will learn quickly.”
Yep, I have some learning to do and am eager to get started with my forever humans.
Your cuddle Pyr, Bailey Blueberry

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