3 months
14.1 lbs
Great Pyrenees Mix

Top of the morning to you! I am the sweetheart Ana.

Yes, I am also a member of the Stryker puppy family. Our mom is a Great Pyrenees, and Dad is an Anatolian Shepherd. So, I am an Anatolian Pyrenees.

My foster parents are taking care of Cardi and me, and we are very thankful to them for giving us a great start. Here’s what they told GPRA about me:
“Ana loves attention from humans and loves playing with her sister, Cardi.”
“Ana and Cardi act like they are starving all the time because they eat faster than any puppies we have ever fostered.” (Yep, I am a growing girl. When you grow up with seven littermates, you learn to eat fast.)
“Ana and Cardi sleep together. She does not like being left alone and always prefers to be with her humans or with her sister.” (It’s so much better to have company all the time.)
“Ana is more submissive of the two puppies and is more of a snuggler.”
“Both puppies are fast learners and very easy-going.” (If you are asking if puppies can be easy-going, the answer is yes. It is the Pyr in me.)
Your Pyr-sweet girl, Ana ❤

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