Elsa & Perrin

Elsa-DOB: 01/01/2017Perrin-DOB: 08/06/2021
Elsa- 85 lbsPerrin-88lbs
Female & Male
Great Pyrenees
We’re Elsa and Perrin, and we’re a bonded pair which means we’re best buds for life! Hi, I’m Elsa. I’ve heard that Elsa is the name of the elder sister in that famous Disney movie, and I’m an older sister too. Us big sisters like to be the boss, so no cats or small dogs, please. We really like to be the only two animals. Perrin is my rock, and he’s all I need. As the older sister, I also have to set a good example. One way I am a great role model is how calm and well-behaved I am in the home. I’m housetrained, of course, and I can be left home alone without any issues. Hello, I’m Perrin! My sister will tell you that I have enough energy for the two of us. My GPRA friends say I’m bouncy and love to play, so a yard to get out my zoomies would be wonderful! I do need a six-foot fence, though, because I could jump a shorter one. I’m a young pyr boy who is always up for an adventure, so make sure to keep me on leash before you open the front door because I might try to slip by you! Like my big sis says, I’m rock solid in all the ways that matter. As long as I have Elsa, I’m a good boy when you leave the home, and I’m housetrained too. We’re also rock steady when it comes to commands. Elsa and I know “sit” and “down” really well. Elsa, here, chiming in! Probably the best quality we share is how much we love our humans, including those little humans called children. We’re a friendly pair of pyrs to everyone we meet. Just look at how much we smile in all our pictures! If you’re hoping to brighten your day with two pyrs who will give you all the love you could ever want, think about adopting us today!
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