Lulu Bloom

  • Lulu Bloom
  • Lulu Bloom
DOB 7/18/2018
76 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hi, I’m Lulu. I’m happy to make your acquaintance. In some languages, my name means pearl, and I am kind of like a pearl in that I take a lot of time to show my shine and personality because I’m very shy. Just as a pearl forms in the stillness of the sea, I like a quiet home. Unexpected noises tend to startle me. My name also means peaceful and calm, and that’s my motto for life. I like tranquil walks on the leash, and I walk steadily too; however, if a person or another animal passes by, I get very scared and will want to go back home. I’m learning, though. I used to be frightened by cars passing by, but since my foster mama walks me daily, I have gotten used to vehicles. I need time and practice to get desensitized to the outside world. When new people come to my home, I take a few days to get used to them as well. Lulu can be slang for impressive too. My outstanding qualities are that I am housetrained and potty-trained. When I need to go outside, I nudge my nose against the doorknob to let you know it’s time. And, I don’t mind being bathed or brushed, so you can always count on me looking my best! Lulu also means precious, and my foster family would agree that I am just that! My foster mom’s favorite thing about me is how much I love structure and routines. Every day, I like to curl up in my dad’s office, and every night, I love to sleep in my special dog bed as Mom and Dad watch TV. Earning my love and trust will be a process, and my personality is still coming out little by little as my foster family continues this journey with me. I’m a sweet girl who needs a lot of love and a family who is dedicated to helping me slowly but surely work through my fears. Foster Mom says I deserve the pyr-fect family; could it be you?

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