Starsky & Hutch

DOB 12/4/2020
75 lbs.
Great Pyrenees

Hellos from us to you!
We are the bonded, outgoing, and just-wanna-have-fun Starsky and Hutch coming to you from the big screen with paws ready for lots of love!

Starsky: We are active and fun-loving boys! Some of our favorite pastimes are running around and being with humans!
Hutch: We hope that our future humans will play and walk with us!
Starsky: Another favorite pastime is eating! Yes, breakfast and dinner are favorite times of the day. As growing boys, we like our groceries! We need to eat slower, and feeding in separate spaces will help us.
Hutch: You tell them, Starsky…I am perfecting my puppy begging eyes! You forgot to mention that treats are great, too!
Starsky: Another thing about us is that we have a lot of energy, which is typical in young dogs, especially Pyrs!
Hutch: We are excited when we see humans and jump for joy!
Starsky: With additional guidance from our humans, we will learn not to jump! Those treats will help us learn commands and good manners.
Hutch: Yep, treats, treats, treats! Outside, we do our business pretty well, too! Can we have treats when we come back to the house?
Starsky: Our foster family says that we are almost entirely housetrained, which is excellent for young Pyrs.
Hutch: We will also need lots of walks for exercise and a secure, fenced-in backyard for playtime.

Hoping for lots of Pyr-adventures with our humans!
⁃ Starsky and Hutch

Bonded Pairs are adopt one and get the second one for half the adoption fee!

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