Charlie Fry

DOB: 11/15/2014
76 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Do you know why I’m called Charlie Fry? If I see a French fry, I want to eat it! I’ve also got the golden-ish hue of a French fry as well. You’ll see in my last picture that when all my glorious floof has grown in, I shine like a golden-tinged pyr! French fries are soft on the inside just like me. Foster Mama says I’m the most sweet and loving boy! Sometimes, French fries get stuck together, and I’m kind of like that with my humans. I stick close because I want to be wherever you are, so I’d definitely like a home where my humans are around more often than not. Listening to my people is one of my love languages. I’ve learned: yes, sit, down, heel, and leave it. When you bite into a French fry, there’s a crunch from the crispy skin, and that’s okay with me. Loud noises, however, get me a little worked up, so I’d prefer a calm and quiet home. Speaking of chewing on things, my favorite type of toy is a stuffed, soft toy, and I’ll carry it around the house. French fries are just one of those things that are loved by everybody, and I am like that too. I think one of the reasons that my humans love me so much is because I’m house-trained; I even know how to use a doggy door. Foster Mom also says I walk at a really nice, relaxed pace, so I’m excellent on the leash. French fries come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they’re made from potatoes. Foster Mama tells me I love being a couch potato, but in the yard, I can be playful too. If you need to make your McDonald’s run, I can tag along too because I’m also good in the car. French fries don’t mind being huddled together, and I am sort of like that. I like being around female dogs who are my size or a bit bigger, but for male dogs, it depends on how well we get along. At home, with my foster pyr sister, I have a lot of fun playing with her or napping with her. I’d be okay as a single fry, or an only dog, too, though. French fries make people happy, and I know that I’ll make you happy too!
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