Liza Minelli

DOB: 06/11/2022
52 lbs
Great Pyrenees

Hello, World! I’m Liza Minelli! No, not the Liza Minnelli, but I’m named after her. Liza is one elegant lady, and I’m still trying to perfect my strut. Foster Mom says I’m learning how to walk on the leash, but I’m getting pretty good at it. The Liza loved to sing, but I love to walk! I know that being a star, Liza had a lot of friends, and when I’m on leash, I’m friendly with other dogs. Sometimes, I bark at people and dogs when I’m on leash, but that’s just my way of saying, “Hello, darling!” Liza Minnelli herself was known to project her voice, and I’m the same way except I love to bark. It’s all a part of the pyr charm! While my namesake likes to take center stage, I just want to be right by your side. Foster Mama tells me I’m a great companion dog because I love being by my humans so much! One way I can show you how much I love and respect you is that I’m completely housetrained. Because I adore my family, when they’re not around, I can get bored and try to chew on things. Foster Mama just redirects me to chew on a toy, and I listen well. Getting me to listen is easy because I’m food-motivated! While Liza and I are both dignified ladies, I still am a young pyr girl with some puppy energy. I like to play in the yard and with my chew toys. For an indoor activity, I love to be brushed. After all, us Lizas love to look our very best! I may not be famous like Miss Minnelli, but my loving nature is already becoming renowned by my foster family. I’d love to become a celebrated part of your home!

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