Harper & Grizz

4 yrs & 1 year 8 months
60 lbs. & 90 lbs.
Female & Male
Great Pyrenees
Hey there! I am Grizzly (AKA Grizz), and this is my great friend and lifelong companion, Harper. Isn’t she gorgeous? Despite neglect and abandonment, we had each other, and because of that, we are bonded, which means that GPRA wants us adopted together because we share quite a special bond.
Harper: “Grizz, it’s my turn now. Can I share the story about our guardian angel? Our guardian angel and now foster mom jumped at the opportunity to help us when our previous owner no longer cared to look for us and get us home safely.”
Grizz: “As great guardians of humans and anything else we want to keep watchful eyes on, we did not know guardians existed for Great Pyrenees. Ours is a very caring human who knew we needed help.  Despite abandonment, we have kept our loving Pyr hearts. If anything, our hearts are bigger because we are Pyr-grateful!”
Harper: “Some of our early pictures show the result of living a neglected life, but we are gaining weight and getting healthier each day. One day, our fur will look as gorgeous as all of the other Pyrs waiting for adoption.”
Here are a few things our guardian angel/foster mom knows about us.
“Grizzly is very funny, playful, easy-going and loves his best Pyr-friend and girlfriend, Harper. Harper is incredibly easy-going and strolls along.”
“Both Grizzly and Harper are friendly and kind dogs that love to hang out with their humans.
“Grizz and Harper will need a very secure fenced-in yard as they may attempt to go over a fence or get through a small opening, if not supervised. They are currently living on a horse farm and love country living.”
“Both dogs enjoy three walks every day and have relatively good leash manners.”
“I adore these dogs and their undeniable bond to each other. Both are full of fun and mischief, too! One day, Grizzly emptied my horse tack trunk by carefully removing 14 brushes and scattering each brush around him. Then, Harper joined the fun by grabbing a bottle of fly spray and placing it next to her. Grizzly and Harper are delightful and joyful Pyrs!” (Yep, we know how to have fun with our humans!)
So, that’s our story! Are you ready for a Pyr- fun adventure with Harper and me?
Pyrly yours, Grizzly (and Harper)

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