Bentley Ruckus

1 year 7 months
67 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Bentley Ruckus is my name, but you can call me Bentley. Cool name, right? If you are looking for a loving, goofy, and full of mischief boy that needs some training, consistency, and patience, then pick me!
I’m at the perfect age for obedience training which will help me grow up to be my best Pyr self. As you know, a well-mannered family dog only comes when our humans invest time into us during our younger years. The payoff is ten-fold in my later years.
Yes, I may have a few mischievous activities. Just use your imagination about all that I may have done when I got bored. Yep, sign me up for obedience training! Here are a few things to make you chuckle. My mischief has included stealing hairbrushes and toilet paper rolls. No surprise there, right? A good balance of exercise in a backyard, attention, and training will help tucker me out. Keep an eye on me in the backyard because I have had successful escapes. In time, your backyard will be the only place for me.
My previous owners say that I am a sweet and gentle boy. While I can be a bit timid when first meeting new humans, I warm up quickly. As your typical Pyr, I love, love, love children, especially those who run around and play! Full of Pyr-fun, Bentley
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