Sophie (Viva)

1 Year 5 months
Great Pyrenees
Hellos! I am the lovely and sweet Sophie Viva. Everyone says that I am a beautiful girl and coming out of my shell more each day. For example, instead of being timid and afraid when meeting new humans, I now wag my tail and will try to kiss their hands. These changes are from my foster family’s efforts to introduce me to new humans and build my confidence and trust. As my confidence increases, so does my happiness. 
Here are a few things my foster family has learned about me. 
“As a young Pyr, Sophie is an active and good walker and will need ongoing leash work.”
“Sophie lets us rub her belly, touch her paws, pet her head, lift her into the car, and look inside her ears.”
“Upon my arrival home after work, Sophie greets me with a big Pyr hug by standing up on her hind legs. As she has gotten more comfortable, Sophie gives us her Pyr paw to just hold.”
GPRA believes that I will thrive with another dog in my future home. 
So now, it’s your turn to introduce yourself to me. I cannot wait to meet you with my Pyr kisses.
Pyrly yours, Sophie Viva

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